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5 reasons why we love WordPress as a content management system

WordPress is the most popular CMS for websites available with over 60% of sites (running a cms) using the blogging tool to manage their content.

Since it’s creation, the tool has become versatile and has adapted to the current and often changing trends in web design.
Here are the top 5 reasons why Chocolate loves developing for WordPress and why over 100,000 websites every day are created using the tool.

1) Easy to Host. WordPress runs on the development language PHP so you never struggle to find a suitable hosting solution for your website.
2) Open souce. Need assistance? Need something specific? There is a pool of people out there who have more than likely solved your query. All support from the WordPress discussion forums is free and is being contributed to on a daily basis by experts such as the Chocolate team.
3) SEO solutions. WordPress started its life as a blogging tool, but over time has evolved into a tool which can be used beyond a standard blog. However, the blogging features still remain highly regarded, and with the search engine optimisation features built into the core of WordPress, this makes it a good choice for SEO experts and content creators.
4) Easy to use. When Chocolate develops a website, we are often asked, ‘how easy it for me to update? Do I need web development experience? Well, no. The simple WYSIWYG editor and drag and drop image feature make it as easy as composing an email. It also makes training new staff to use the system easy. Any of the difficult stuff will be taken care of by an agency such as Chocolate before the site goes live.
5) WordPress is extendable. Due to it being open source and very popular, a vast array of add-ons, known as plugins are available to install. Plugins help the website achieve more than the built in features. Developers like us at chocolate are always creating new plugins to help any website achieve its goal. Most of these plugins are free, others, some of the really advances stuff, are sold at a very reasonable price. So whether it be a restaurant booking system, a social media feed, or a fully fledged e-commerce solution, there will be a plugin to transform you website.

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