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“We create wonderful words, vibrant visuals and clever concepts. We do this with passion, vision and both feet in our customer’s shoes.”

Message is everything.

Design is easy.

We are Chocolate Ltd, a creative marketing agency.

We watch, listen and learn from our clients and their customers then find outstanding and engaging ways in which to tell their story.

We create brands with personality with unrivalled passion.

We are aficionados of the customer journey and believe in simple messages, well placed.

We give every piece of work we produce function, form and commercial purpose.

We solve problems, creatively.

Our Services

We build strong, close relationships with our customers. We want to help solve problems for you, save you time and realise your commercial goals. To do this we need to know you as well as possible so we can understand your needs better and suggest ways in which we can help.

Brand Strategy

Through a mix of research, studying the competitive landscape and getting to know you as an organisation we will find out what sets you apart from the rest. We will turn customers into brand champions and position your company for long-term commercial gain.


We provide lean, clean digital experiences. We deliver elegantly executed digital strategy and experiences that will surpass your objectives and delight your audience.

Customer Journey

The customer journey is pivotal to everything we produce at Chocolate Ltd. Whether it’s a physical destination or a sales piece, the process we have developed helps us to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, consider their mood, dwell time and needs so that we can guide them through the process as painlessly as possible. We believe in simple, bold messages, carefully placed to maximise effectiveness and ensuring a smooth path to a sale for our client.


With our extensive knowledge of the market place we’ll help to find you the right route to find your audience. We don’t just create brands, we offer continued support through managing and implementing everything from strategic digital campaigns to tactical street marketing. We build long-term marketing plans to give you clarity on activity and engage your customers in a continued dialogue, prompting loyalty and growth.

Problem Solving

Your story matters. If it is done well it will connect your brand to all of the right people at all of the right touch points.

We will help you to deliver a carefully crafted narrative that touches every aspect of your brand and connects every element of your business to your customer. Simply, we will bring your brand promise to life in a way that encourages customers to become loyal brand fans.

Project Management

With a full time Account Manager partnering with your team you can be sure that your project will be delivered on time and on budget. Your AM will operate as the lead point of contact for any and all matters relating to the progress of the project and will be there to support the successful delivery of your project every step of the way.

Your Technical PM is your project's quality assurance manager. They will assess any technical risks, assist with technical problem solving and will work closely with your developer to make sure that your project is delivered seamlessly..

Our favourite word is DO

Our favourite visual is

Our favourite concept is growth

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