How we work

We learned our core skills working in some of the world’s leading advertising agencies, with some of the largest brands on Earth. So we look at things differently. We believe in the power of ‘message first’, understanding how to connect with our audience by creating brands that talk and act like them. Then we get creative. Really creative. Producing outstanding graphics to support, never impede, those messages. Keeping things simple and getting straight to the point. Maximising sales and engagement for our clients. That’s why we’re here.

“I left big agencies back in 1997, frustrated with their barriers to process. Chocolate Ltd was born with the wants and needs of today’s clients in mind: a creative agency that is efficient, reactive, cost-effective and walks in their client’s (and their customers) shoes.”

- Matt Mason, Founder and Managing Director

How are we different?

  • Straight-to-creative approach: Our key creatives manage the account, cutting out the ‘middle-man’ and leading to better, faster results.

  • All senior team: At the top of their game, so no delegation of tasks to juniors who can be slower, less experienced and only benefit the agency, not the client.

  • We are multi-disciplined: Meaning no one staff member performs just one roll. We all overlap and communicate as we are a lean team.

  • Single price structure: Everyone is charged out at the same single, cost-effective price simplifying financial control.

  • All critical disciplines in house: Design, art direction, artwork, project management, account management, animation, film editing, programming, finance etc.

  • We are dedicated: We make it our job to understand our clients and their rolls. We become an extension of their business, not just a resource.

  • We believe in strategic ‘message first’ approach.

We’re Unlimited
Nothing can hold us back. Our core team are all experts in their field, but we can scale-up at a moment’s notice. By fine tuning our team through an established network of trusted specialists we deliver more value, higher standards and better results.

We spark conversations
We build brands that get straight to the point-of-difference. Challenging our clients to find their best story then sharing it with timely, well judged (brilliantly creative) storytelling that’s designed to get a reaction.

We Give Purpose
Every customer experience should be by design. We watch, listen and learn from our clients and their customers so we can give every piece of work we produce function, form and commercial purpose.

We Drive Change
Unforgettable work stands out and we don’t create anything else. By approaching every project with the mindset, ‘how can we do this differently’, our work leads where others dare to follow.

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