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The Importance of Great Food Packaging Design

It’s not always what’s on the inside that counts…

In the extremely competitive (especially food) market, it’s important that your product stands out. The packaging of your product is often the first point of contact your customer will have with your brand and being able to communicate your brand to them within those few moments is crucial.

We design an abundance of assorted packaging for our clients at Chocolate, it is one of my favourite areas of design and especially one of the most important aspects when creating a new product. Packaging reinforces, extends and ultimately enhances your brand, and this blog post aims to explain how it does this.

Ensure Clarity
It goes without saying that your label needs to be clear, easy to understand, easily visible and straightforward to read but it should also offer clarity regarding the content. It should be instantly clear to the customer exactly what they are buying.



Extending Your Brand
Your brand is the no.1 thing that separates you from your competition, so make sure it is clear on your label. Your packaging design is crucial to the perception and recognition of your brand. Successful branding should always use packaging to bring together a cohesive and recognisable brand message. Customers are more likely to trust and buy a product that they recognise than something completely brand new; having distinctive, consistent, quality packaging is a key part of this recognition. We try to choose a design style that not only suits our client’s brand but also differentiates them from competitors.



Enhancing the brand
The emotion that the package design evokes from the consumer is the most important response. Every decision they make is driven by emotion. The package visuals (text and imagery) and factual content (information about the product, what is is) affects the consumer’s perception of the brand. Packaging that arrives in a good condition, having protected customer goods, is essential to create a positive first impression. Brand your packaging successfully and you can create a lasting impression that will ultimately help drive brand recognition.



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(Photos and packaging design by Chocolate Ltd)


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