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Chosen Bun, recently purchased by our client, was in desperate need of a brand overhaul and new narrative to connect with its target audience – students and young professionals in affluent areas. We dug deep into their story, which was non-existent in their communications, and found a story about two burger obsessives who travelled the world to find ingredients for the ultimate burger – the Chosen Bun. We used this to build their story, highlighting where they discovered each ingredient at different points of the customer journey.

We developed a new logo and brand architecture that borrowed from familiar street art and resonated with the target customer. Then we built a series of clever films, social media campaigns and street marketing initiatives that all revolved around a journey of discovery, leading to the ultimate burger.

The ideas went from the unusual to the extraordinary – our launch activity in Oxford and Cambridge selected ‘Chosen Buns’ using bicycle seat covers with incentive to purchase. Another placed cards in telephone boxes, pubs and participating venues where the finder could redeem for free burgers. Our activity led to high customer levels, awareness and profitability.

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