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In 2019 we created a full brand identity package to replace and update a tired and unsuccessful previous attempt at Timberyard, Deptford, London. Our new name, ‘Deptford Landings’, was reflective of the dockland heritage of the site conveyed images of ‘new beginnings’ and a sense of arrival – wonderful collateral for the basis of the brand narrative.

Deptford Landings Logo Mockup Grey
Deptford Landings Hoardings

Deptford has always been a place of workers, doers, creators and makers – the backbone of London. ‘London Made’ became the chosen campaign route as this is a place that brings all the things that make ‘living in London great’ together. Using the familiar pop out modelling kit helped us to illustrate choice, diversity and the ability to build a new life in this exciting destination.

The brand is a great example of how storytelling is a fundamental tool when defining a place. It brings outstanding value and allows our clients to truly engage with their audience.

Deptford Landings Brand Guidelines
Deptford Landings Hoardings
Deptford Landings Photographs
Deptford Landings Hoardings
Deptford Landings Hoardings
Deptford Landings Meanwhile Designs
Deptford Landings Building Before Photo
Deptford Landings Building After Photo
Deptford Landings In Deptford Newsletter Cover Design
Deptford Landings In Deptford Newsletter Spread Design
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