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Chocolate Ltd were asked to pitch ideas for a hoarding line running around Endeavour Square, IQL Stratford, erected for the build on the pavilion building (now Haugen restaurant). The client asked for a ‘work of art’ that would turn heads and put the place on the map. Our outstanding ideas and creative execution delivered on every level. We gave them a work of art that, using photomontage as a vessel, told a story about every fascinating facet of this incredible place.

IQL Stratford hoarding design

Each individual image portrays the unusual juxtapositions that happen here: old and new, tech and mechanical, fashion and industry. Combining Roman soldiers with football, the V&A with food and drink, Alexander McQueen with Olympic sports and steam trains with dance, our high contrast campaign, entitled ‘Amazing Stratford’, stopped traffic, generated interaction and lead to a myriad of posts across social media generating valuable PR and industry-wide attention helping to put this incredible place front of mind to its future audience.

IQL Stratford Hoarding Hand Eye Design
IQL Stratford Hoarding Lobster Eye
IQL Stratford Hoarding
IQL Stratford Hoarding
IQL Stratford Location Photography
IQL Stratford Campaign Toolkit Spread Design
IQL Stratford History Wall Art
IQL Stratford Summer Screen Floor Vinyls
IQL Stratford Summer Screen Graphics
IQL Stratford Pavillion Brochure Spread
IQL Stratford Pavillion Brochure Front Cover
IQL Stratford Pavillion Logo Concept

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