Therma Mech

Brand Identity
Creative Campaign

Therma Mech specialises in efficient energy solutions; they are experts who deliver exceptional results in a complex industry, with minimal fuss. They needed a brand and an identity which reflected that fact, giving them stand out, versatility and the opportunity to reach out, through storytelling, to their target audience.

We created a modern but simple three-tone colour palette, symbolising heat, cooling and sustainability – the three anchors of their product. We gave them a logo and a suite of bespoke iconography which act as building blocks and visual metaphors. Then we gave them a creative campaign which enabled them to communicate their product benefits simply and effectively. Clean, impactful, and memorable – the end result reflects the expertise and professionalism of the company which it represents.

Therma Mech brand branded hoarding
Therma Mech brand car wrap
Therma Mech branded van wrap
Therma Mech brochure design
Therma Mech Values poster designs
Therma Mech branded construction uniform front
Therma Mech branded construction uniform back

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