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Brand Communications

Chocolate Ltd approached the British Land retail team with our portfolio of property and food retail work in 2013. We were a perfect fit. We had worked for dozens of shopping centres in the past and had a vast knowledge of how to engage with audiences both business and consumer. We were engaged to work with them on an ad hoc basis on a number of projects over the following years.

Our portfolio of work in developing sales tools aimed at potential new tenancy agreements was of immediate interest and we were briefed to develop a set of marketing brochures, in a mixture of print and digital formats, for their asset managers. Initially, we gave every new retail offer a design which matched with their consumer facing brand, with our own twist on messaging and clarity.

Further work saw Chocolate Ltd develop a styling template based on the British Land guidelines package. To give each piece individuality and stand out we created a graphic device based on architecture or features found at the retail site. Our expertise saw Chocolate Ltd deliver every element of the creative package including Photoshop visuals, photography, illustration of floor plans, guides and stylised infographics for each rendition.

Our talents as a branding agency were utilised on a regular basis. We created a series of internal branding devices to be used on digital tools and libraries for the marketing team. We were also engaged to work on branding packages for several of their assets and retail parks.

Consumer communications is a key part of the service offered at Chocolate Ltd and we were asked to develop complete marketing creative campaigns for 2 of their regional shopping centres, Beaumont and Serpentine Green. We made recommendations and small tweaks to their brands, a hierarchy of messaging inclusive of straplines, then created a suite of assets to be used for seasonal promotions, events, and B2B lettings. Materials included outdoor advertising, bus sides, in-store communications and directional signage, web advertising, social banners and themed bespoke pieces to support a regular events package.

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