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Brand Application

We love Chilango – their product, their brand and their attitude. We partnered with them in 2015 when their brand was 8 years old and in need of some creative TLC. The entrepreneurs raised just over £2m in its first round of crowd funding and we helped supply them with a powerful marketing campaign across all media for the second round in October 2015. They raised a record £3.4m and have plans to open another 50 stores.

Chocolate Ltd worked very closely with the team at Chilango, sharing with them our expertise in food retail and how to engage with a wider audience. We ran their social media account, maintained their website, built and fulfilled strategic marketing calendars, came up with ideas for promotions and executed them including creative concepts, design, print and supply of street staff where necessary. We helped drive traffic to their website and social platforms through digital advertising promotions and incentives and more customers through their doors with tactical campaigns. Chocolate Ltd provided Chilango with a 360º creative marketing service which covered all of their needs.

We loved the creative license we had working with this brand. Chilango had a rare flare and edge which allowed us to break rules and wow their audience. In early 2016 we convinced them to let us redesign their menu system, making it easier to use and therefore driving guests through the restaurants faster – maximising profitability. The new menu system, with its simple photography and classic style for day and night, was a huge commercial success.

Chocolate Ltd was pivotal in the launch of their Brewer Street and London Bridge restaurants. We covered everything from business drops, door drops to local residents, street level marketing and we even hosted press and food blogger nights to spread the word online. Our staff even helped to design and build the ‘shrines’ in restaurants – a prominent feature of every Chilango.

Social Media is a huge part of the day-to-day business at Chilango. It’s how they communicate one-on-one with their loyal following and as key to the brand development as any other tool. We ran their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat providing daily posts, strategic marketing schedules, monthly reports, and analytics, provided live video feeds from events, openings and competitions. We used social channels to engage with customers on a local level too – if there were any issues (there always are with food service) we would be on hand to direct message and deal with the problem quickly. In the first year, we doubled their Twitter and Facebook following and created their Instagram account from scratch, building the following to more than 5,000.

Finally, we advised Chilango on creating an in-house team to manage their requirements and left them with guidelines, plans and all the tools they need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. If all else fails we have left the door open for consultation from time to time.

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