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Chosen Bun

Brand Identity

We were asked to deliver a creative pitch to the new owners of Chosen Bun in 2016. We were faced with an original design package which clearly hadn’t been thought through to deliver the key message to its audience. We found the brand story buried, in a single paragraph of text, deep within their website and represented the idea to the client in a far simpler, more engaging way.

The brand was the brainchild of a couple of burger nuts called Pete and Andy who travelled the world searching for the finest ingredients to use in their restaurant. They tasted thousands of recipes before settling on the perfect combination and the name ‘Chosen Bun’. So we have built a brand based around the idea of being picky. We are constantly looking for the very best in everything we do. From the chairs in the restaurants and the patented packaging (designed to deliver the perfect burger).

This is a young audience with a big appetite for burgers. But this is also an overcrowded space full of copycat brands and US imports. We wanted to give this company something that would let them really stand out – a brand oozing with personality. Something Chocolate Ltd has become famous for. We have developed a creative suite crammed full of cheeky ideas, impact visuals, and powerful messages. The brand logo is simple but memorable and the focus has been to utilise the ‘burger menu’ stripes as a secondary branding device to carry all lease messages in creative across the estate. Key differentiators are that we deliver using our own team of drivers, we have built the burger around delivery – layer by layer – to ensure that customers get the perfect burger wherever they are and we are British and privately owned.

Using ‘Banksy’-style illustrations and graffiti we have given the brand an edgy feel, befitting of the audience. These graphics have been applied to everything from packaging, website, social media, store graphics, printed marketing materials and uniforms in preparation for the first 2 store launches in Oxford and Cambridge.

Chocolate Ltd will run the launch activity for all new openings at Chosen Bun. We have developed hoardings for store opening which will engage with our audience and reflect our brand message – we will be ‘choosing’ from applicants to receive a free Chosen Bun. Amongst activity will be press and blogger nights, local marketing to both businesses and residential alike, a big store launch party including street performers and costumed brand ambassadors to engage with our audience at street level, development of complete store graphics (inside and out) and continued support through a strategic rollout of social media campaigns and competitions.

This is a brand which breaks with tradition and tries new things. As a result, our local marketing and launch campaigns contain bike seat covers, only applied to our favourite bicycles, and a series of adult-themed cards which Instagram followers will find, keep and collect to win a big prize. These will be a big smash with the dense student population of our first two openings and we look forward to delivering Chosen Bun to the world over.

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