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Coco Di Mama

Signage & Brand Application

Coco di Mama had been on our radar for months before we engaged. Their business had everything right – good food, great coffee, a loyal following and huge potential. They were in need of marketing advice and creative support from an agency that could help them to grow and welcomed the opportunity to work with a full-service agency like Chocolate Ltd.

‘You’ll never take a good photo of pasta’ declared the client in initial meetings. We introduced him to Ian O’Leary, one of our favourite food photographers, who quickly changed his opinion. We provided Coco di Mama with a whole series of shots outlining their entire offer.

The photography gave us the tools we needed to create stunning seasonal campaign graphics for all of their stores, a range of point-of-sale posters for use in A boards and poster points, a simple and stylish website using the new brand styling and eventually, after much coaxing, a new series of interchangeable internal menus featuring pictures for the first time. We were right to do so. The menus alone added an extra 5% to the bottom line of our client’s profit line.

The existing stores were simple and materials were expensive making the design restrictive to roll out in large numbers. So the owners at Coco Di Mama asked Chocolate Ltd to take a look at developing a new store design template that would give restaurants a lighter, brighter modern feel, more in line with current trends, but with an eye on the budget and long-term plans. We agreed on a budget and worked up Photoshop visuals and detailed plan drawings which we shared with their preferred shop-fitters. Chocolate Ltd was commissioned to design stores in Moorgate, Houndsditch and Margaret Street. Packs included specifications for materials and furniture greatly reducing costs per build.

Over a period of 2 years, Chocolate Ltd provided Coco Di Mama with marketing support for every area of their business including a complete range of food packaging, creative for new ranges and product launches, several menu updates, landlord packs (including hand-drawn illustrations for tenders) and all the advice we could give them. We helped them to grow from 2 to 10 stores over this time until their eventual sale to Azzurri Group in 2016.

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