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Brand Creation & Application

In November 2015 we were approached by a team of investors who wanted to open a chain of Indian Street Food restaurants. After an initial credential pitch they engaged with Chocolate Ltd and we began work on creating a brand that would bring something truly different to the market place.

After a number of meetings with the client, chefs, and our creative team, we were briefed to come up with a suitable name – not an easy process. The key product on the menu for consumers was identified as the roti – the Indian version of the burrito. So we took the ‘In’ from Indian and combined it with the ‘ito’ from burrito and Inito was born. A memorable name with a 5 letter URL – an amazing asset for a start up brand. We set to work designing a logo which would add depth to the story by giving the typography an Asian twist and adding a leaf allowing us to expand on the herbs and spices which differentiate Indian from other cuisines.

Initially, Inito was to be an Indian Street Food brand, serving a range of simple traditional urban dishes and snacks, familiar to travellers who may have made a visit to the vast cities of India. Chocolate Ltd spent a great deal of time researching the street markets where the food is served and built a creative campaign to reflect. We designed signage, packaging, website and a customer journey scheme using Indian street signage. Working together with Studio Fox (a London-based interior design team) we created a first location full of the colour, noise, and tastes you would experience when immersing yourself in this vibrant culture. We then ran local marketing campaigns, press and blogger evenings and street-based engagement to find their customer and welcome them into this wonderful destination. Social media became a big part of their communications strategy.

In 2016 we changed tact and menu to offer our audience a completely new experience – lighter, faster Indian food you can enjoy every day. Indian food is seen as unhealthy but yet it is one of the nation’s favourites. To combat this perception we worked with Inito’s chefs to create a menu lower in fat (Ghee free), full of natural ingredients and lighter on the diet. A revolutionary step in Indian cuisine. Now customers can enjoy the flavours they love on a more regular basis.

To reflect this game-changing more we gave the brand a complete refresh by developing a fresher, lighter colour palette, a new suite of messages and a simple, ‘healthier looking’ creative campaign. Inito has grown up. This is a hugely exciting offer and we have used much of the creative to retro fit our original store.

Education and ownership are a huge and essential part of the customer journey. We have developed a range of graphics which help to explain the content of a series of Indian Street food dishes. This is simple food but the traditional Indian names often mean that customers don’t order for fear of getting it wrong. A ‘Lassi’, for instance, is just a deliciously refreshing Indian milkshake made with yoghurt, fruit pulp, and honey. A Chaat is just an Indian snack with some carbs, some crunch, and some spice. And a roti – just an Indian burrito – simple. We believe that by removing barriers we will encourage trial of these delicious products and make Inito famous as owners of the concepts and language.

Chocolate Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival of this new concept at 42 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London. We are busy working on final designs, a new website and an exciting launch campaign which will see the brand on the way to becoming a regular sight on high streets everywhere. The new location will open in late September.

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