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SPHG Karpo Grill

Brand Application & Marketing

As part of our work with SPHG (St Pancras Hotels Group), we were asked to utilise our expertise in food & beverage retail to build sales in their restaurant ‘Karpo’ and the ‘Megaro Bar’. Chocolate Ltd spent some time researching the offer and went to work creating a story and marketing campaign for each with the focus on increased revenue.

Through our knowledge of the industry, target audience and current trends, we concentrated initial efforts to the more immediate challenges. The Karpo logo was very distinctive but looked Persian. The offer was, in fact, Mediterranean although the menu didn’t support this message. So, together with chefs and the team at Karpo, we developed a more focused offer which would remove any barriers to trial and fit well with the local offer. We called the new concept ‘Karpo Grill’, changed the logo and branding to a more contemporary look and feel and the chefs developed a menu, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which offered a simple grill menu; delicious steaks, fresh fish cooked on their Jospur grill, a range of tasty burgers and specials for something a bit different. The changes enabled customers to immediately understand what it was that the restaurant provided removing barriers to trade.

We followed changes to the brand identity with a strong Instagram campaign, using specially commissioned photography, to introduce the new offer, a local residential and business mail campaign, email campaign and a delicious new section on their SPHG website completed the package. We increased footfall, bookings, and sales.

We then turned our attention to the Megaro Bar. This was a delightfully seedy ‘speakeasy’ style bar in the basement of the Megaro Hotel. A hidden gem deep in the heart of Kings Cross. Well staffed and well run it was obvious to Chocolate Ltd that low sales were a direct result of low local awareness. So we developed a clever tactical marketing campaign to bring the crowds in.

The ‘Key’ campaign saw us engage street staff, dressed in 1920s outfits, handing room keys with leaflets attached to targeted potential guests to the bar around the new build areas of King’s Cross. Guests were encouraged to bring the key back to the bar in exchange for a free drink. The campaign was a massive success and saw the bar pre-booked for 2 months in advance for the first time in several years.

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