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Life Meets Tech

Campaign Identity & Signage

As part of their ‘campus enrichment program’ Broadgate Estates commissioned Chocolate Ltd to develop a story and creative execution around a new series of events and exhibits planned for Broadgate (Liverpool Street), Paddington Central and Regent’s Place in central London. The brief was to find a visually & engaging and highly creative route through which to communicate the entertainment which revolved around the theme of future technology.

It is key to all of these communications that we deliver the message in as simple a way as possible – these are time-poor workers in a busy and stressful environment so we work hard on every campaign to remove barriers, promoting better awareness, recall and a quicker reaction from our audience. We agreed on a simple 3 line headline – ‘LIFE MEETS TECH’ – which provided the ideal platform for us to begin to tell the story of how humans interact with technology. British Land, the property owner, is constantly striving to find ways of creating buildings which use the very latest technology to help create an environment in which tenants and their workers thrive. We use each campaign to also elaborate on their wider agenda to create Places People Prefer.

After considering a number of routes we decided on butterflies, each individually illustrated by the team at Chocolate Ltd, with circuit board patterns on their wings. The butterflies themselves were highly colourful, to stand out, yet stylish and sophisticated enough to represent the Broadgate brand principles. They represent change, the metamorphosis through which industry has gone hand-in-hand with technology. They also represent ‘LIFE’ with the ‘TECH’ element communicated through circuit board graphics, pixelation and a ‘holographic’ look.

To maximise impact in this very neutral environment we chose a white background. Each piece of signage was carefully considered as part of the customer journey before we applied headline, supporting text and a method by which the reader could find out more at the touch of a button. Chocolate Ltd recommended and worked directly with a printing company to enable fulfilment of the campaign onto campus in a timely and simple manner for our client. For each new campaign, we produce we insist on site visits to check progress and quality. This enables us to spot new vantage points for signage, observe and document customer engagement and provide innovative solutions to our client’s signage requirements.

Where we had longer customer dwell time we elaborated more on the story – online and social assets were created to support this along with a series of animated motion graphics posters and POS which brought the butterflies to life. Where possible we created way-finding signage to enable quick navigation to events and large format signage in areas where people congregate supporting ‘take-one’ leaflet dispensers outlining events and completing the story.

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