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Massarella Catering

Signage & Brand Application

Massarella Catering Group is a food catering company which provides cafés and restaurants to shopping centres, department and retail stores across the UK. With a portfolio of over 200 stores and numerous brands, they originally approached Chocolate Ltd in 2014 to pitch for the rebranding of their 23 ‘Café Zest’ stores which were located inside House of Fraser department stores across the country. We were engaged the same year.

The brief from House of Fraser was to create a brand more befitting of their customer. Chocolate Ltd visited as many units as we could to gain insights into the brand and their audience and look at ways in which we could develop a brand with more stand out, using simple messaging, to connect and drive more people into the cafés through outstanding signage designs and clever customer journey work. We cave the brand a revised logo device, added a retro and contemporary set of typography to each of the signage executions and coupled these with a stunning range of new, appetising photography. Headlines were written to add a touch of humour to the branding which played on the ‘ladies who lunch’ target audience for the cafés and department stores in general. The rebrand was a huge success with both client and their landlord.

Following on from the success of the Café Zest re-brand, Massarella asked us to consider a similar process for Wild Mint Kitchen, another House of Fraser café catering offer. The brief required a high end, premium, fresh look and feel for this smaller group of restaurants to suit their locations. Our new interior signage, Point-of-Sale, restaurant decals complemented to the relaxing surroundings and muted tones of the restaurant perfectly.

We developed and new, simpler and more stylised branding device and chose a simple colour set to match. Initial experiments with mood boards and typography gave a fresh, uncomplicated look to all communications pieces and we developed a range of packaging, labelling and signage that followed suit. We wrote briefs for photographers to follow and art directed their first set of shots. The in-store experience has been greatly improved and the signage provides clear, easy to follow information that works beautifully within the Restaurant’s customer journey.

Chocolate Ltd continues to work with Massarella on seasonal activity for the brands above and have been commissioned to look at several other re-branding projects including designs for the Restaurant on 3 at Bentall’s, London. Massarella have become a market leader in this sector and Chocolate Ltd are proud to be their agency of choice for both creative branding and messaging.

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