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Brand Development

Vita Mojo contacted Chocolate Ltd via a recommendation in 2015. They were fascinated by our process and needed to partner with an agency who would take the time to truly understand their product and show them the best ways to take it to market.

This is some of the best food we have ever tasted. Sourced carefully and perfectly cooked the digital application and website allow the user to choose ingredients for their meal by quantity to suit their diet. So this is the food choice of the health conscious and time poor. We worked closely with the client to identify where and when we would best find this audience and then went about developing a set of messages which would resonate with them. We made changes to the logo and branding, with our audience and customer journey in mind, and developed a step-by-step guide to remove any barriers for trial to new customers.

When he found his first location Chocolate Ltd helped Vita Mojo find cost effective ways of dressing the store, concentrating on bold messages supported with beautiful food photography and a powerful point of sale campaign which helped to educate the audience. From opening, we launched a campaign of work which included engagement with local businesses, street marketing and conversations with local gyms to incentivise trial to our target customers most likely to convert. The initial response was positive and through months of engagement through digital and social media we helped the client to profit within the soft deadline.

Chocolate Ltd ran a series of press nights introducing the client to online food bloggers and press, initiated social media output and set up, art directed film and photographic work, supplied the client with in store and exterior graphics for the customer journey and developed a range of templates for general and local marketing purposes for the client to use.

Vita Mojo now has 3 successful stores and have just finished a round of crowdfunding to pave the way for several more. Chocolate Ltd consults to them on an ad hoc basis. This is a future thinking food retail brand that we are very proud to have worked with.

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