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Brand Application

We met Vital Ingredient in early 2012 after an introduction through mutual acquaintances. They were half way through a complete rebrand of their 6 salad bars with another agency but becoming exceptionally dissatisfied with the level of work and service. After trialling the relationship with an initial small series of works they engaged with us to provide them with a full marketing service including creative, digital and social media.
Initial work focussed on fixing some major problems. We made site visits to every store and watched the flow of customers from opening until close. Using our customer journey plan we stripped out unnecessary clutter from all existing stores and replaced with signage to aid flow and promote faster, easier sales. We developed a step system to simply explain the ordering process which was highly successful. Chocolate Ltd also added picture board to the menus system allowing us to promote high GP items and aid a ‘point-and-pick’ ethos at the counter. This speeded choice and boosted sales. In one instance alone replacing a text only board with an image of the meal (shot by Chocolate Ltd staff) increased sales of the product by over 1,000%.
We then turned our minds to the brand messaging. We wanted to bring some personality to Vital Ingredient to enable us to communicate the benefits of the offer and begin a conversation with our customers. The product is very personal – it allows the customer to choose the way they eat from a menu of millions of different ingredient combinations. ‘My Vital’ allowed us to easily communicate provenance, health aspects, quality, choice and personality all through one common theme. This was used in store graphics, online and on packaging to help to educate our customers around the benefits behind the brand.
In 2013 we gave the brand a complete overhaul introducing more brand consistency in stores and generating a template for all future store openings. Chocolate Ltd was responsible for all design of wall graphics, packaging, signage, a new website and ordering system, the launch of a corporate catering and delivery service, all local marketing to both business and consumer, photography, social media growth and the launch of the Vital Ingredient loyalty scheme. We even wrote and presented marketing talks and manuals for all staff so they were aware of all activity and felt a sense of belonging with the team.
In over 3.5 years we were responsible for some exceptional creative at Vital Ingredient. We commissioned graffiti artists to create huge murals to launch a new range of street foods. We hand drew enormous chalk boards used as backdrops for their coffee launch and packaging and we helped reduce costs and increase sales by handling all of their illustrative and photographic requirements in house.
In 2015 we wrote and art-directed a new campaign of photographs entitled ‘Country Fresh in the Urban Sprawl’. The photographs were taken of delicious ingredients positioned in urban locations throughout London and represented the way that Vital Ingredient brings the very best fresh produce from the countryside for their customers to enjoy healthy eating in city locations. The images were hugely successful and are still a major part of their store designs today.

Over the 3.5 years that Chocolate worked with Vital Ingredient, it saw Vital Ingredient grow from 6 to 20 stores within London. When Chocolate parted company (amicably) in late 2015 they left Vital Ingredient with a full set of marketing tools, a vast understanding of communications, a successful loyalty scheme and online ordering tool and a very much-loved brand by their loyal customer base.

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