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The Power of Emojis

Since their introduction in 2010, Emoji’s have become a day-to-day part of our lives with an estimated 110 billion emoji’s tweeted since their launch. Not only are they a simple way to spice up a Tweet or add some colour to a conversation, they are a great way of simply showing how you feel about something.


Many brands have started to use Emojis to help engage with their social media followers and to create a further interest in their products as they look to gain an edge over their competitors. Emoji’s do a great job in helping to create engagement because they gain attention and can summarise the topic of a tweet that an audience can establish in less than a second, which helps to determine in the user’s mind if it’s something they are or are not interested in. For example, if like us at Chocolate Ltd, you love Indian food, the use of brightly coloured relevant Emoji’s in the tweet helps to quickly gain our attention and makes us really interested in their products!

But, they don’t just have an emotional benefit for companies: Dominos, at the end of last year, set up an initiative that would allow existing account holders to order their favourite pizza simply by texting the pizza emoji to their store’s number. This helped Dominos to connect with it’s target audience of time poor, social people looking for convenience whilst delivering in a way that is innovative and fun.

And now, Twitter is allowing advertisers to target specific emoji’s that people engage with to push promoted tweets. For example, if you engage with a tweet containing the trainer’s emoji’s, a promoted tweet from Adidas or Nike will appear that will try to capture the interest in trainers and will help redirect the consumers interested to a company website to facilitate a sale.

This new language is something that appears to be benefiting everyone, with social media users being able to customise their posts and companies gaining a commercial benefit. The power of emoji’s is seemingly never ending and with 72 new emoji’s ready to be released, it’s only a matter of time before we cut out words all together.

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