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Tips for your Product Photography

The perceived value of your products is directly impacted by the quality of your product photography. Product photography, especially in food, is crucial to any business and having strong imagery is extremely important to help sell your products whether you have a physical store where people can come and see your items up close or not. For today’s blog post, we’ve come up with a few tips to help and guide you in creating impactful product images for your business.

Shoot both horizontal and vertical photos. When taking photos, shoot both ways so that you have the flexibility to make them for work different formats later — whether it’s for a menu, new product launch announcement, or a bound brochure. It only takes a few extra minutes to shoot a few more photos in different orientations.

Think about your backgrounds. Be consistent. While you can certainly stick to some sort of consistent look or theme, it’s important to stick to a consistent frequency to help build a solid series. For instance, for the Chosen Bun burger shots, we shot all these products face on and on white; it’s good practice to make sure your products are the focus of your photos and presented in the best possible way. Your backgrounds will help your images to stand out and be recognisable.

Keep it simple and well-balanced. Many items look their strongest, visually, when they are against a white or a single colour background. This helps to give your product photos a clean and polished look whilst keeping the customer’s attention focused on the product itself. If this style of product photography isn’t possible or simply doesn’t work for your products then another option would be to represent them in their most common environments to convey their actual size and functionality.

Cropping and Sizing. When product images are cropped identically, this will your customers to have a seamless experience on your product pages – plus it keeps product pages looking neat and organised, and it’s good practice to make sure all angles and edges of your products are aligned with one another. Bad crops can look unappealing and misleading sizing can end up making your food portions look bigger than they actually are!

Props and details. Don’t be scared to prop out your food shot. It sounds cheesy, but you want your photo to tell a story. Particularly important for lifestyle food shots, there’s a difference between a bowl of tasty pasta shot on white with no forks or napkins versus a bowl that was shot with moody lighting, on a beautiful wood surface with utensils that look straight out of the kitchen. Your photo should be representative of the experience you’re having or providing to the customer.

Keep it all very natural. Natural light is food photography’s best friend. It’s also easier to post-process afterwards than direct overhead light and can really enhance your product shots. If necessary (and you’re on a budget), put things near a window to help maximise the daylight.

These are just a few different tips to help you make the most of your product images for your business. The more you practice the better your images will get. And if you’re still in doubt, you can always leave the photography to the professionals too! Happy snapping.

(photos taken by Stephen Conroy, Stephen Joyce and Ian ‘O Leary, art directed by Chocolate Ltd)

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