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UberEats – two months on

Uber first stepped into the food delivery sector two months ago. Whilst the fanfare may have died down somewhat, the team at Chocolate Ltd have been keeping a close eye on the service whilst lazily fulfilling every sweet and savoury craving known to Soho!

Servicing the zone 1 London area, but with a firm focus on expanding reach throughout London and eventually the UK, orders can be placed between 11am and 11pm. The UberEats app is separate to the original, but you can still use the same password and username. Great – one less password to remember!

The app uses your location to pin point your local restaurants and you can then simply choose your restaurant and dish. The cost of your meal will obviously depend on your selection of restaurant, but you will receive free delivery for the first month.

Just like Uber, you can track the progress of your driver, though when impatiently waiting for food, this feels more like self imposed torture. You can also rank the driver, or courier in this case, and rate the food with a simple time saving thumbs up or down.

So how does Uber differentiate itself from its many competitors? Well to start, there’s the no minimum order aspect, meaning you can easily indulgent on a snack. Also the ability to customize your order (especially useful for those suffering from allergies) and receive it within thirty minutes definitely gives Uber the edge in this highly competitive market. You can only order food from a close proximity, but this should insure both freshness of food and a speedy delivery.

From an office lunch point of view, Uber already seems to be changing our eating habits – here in the Chocolate office team members have been using the app on a regular basis. Why Uber as opposed to the other food delivery companies?

Uber has positioned itself not just at corporate offices – but at the individuals within an office. You no longer have to share a sandwich platter with colleagues just to fit in during a long meeting, or have the same takeaway as your friends, just to make life easy.

From a restaurant business point of view, the app is a great way of reaching regular customers on a daily basis, but also allows potential new clients in their area an easy, hassle free way of trying their products.

There have been some initial teething problems; there were reports of UberEats deliveries being delivered by Deliveroo riders. This caused confusion, with some customers nearly sending the drivers away. Couriers are legally authorized to work with both companies. Although both have separate uniforms, riders rarely have the chance to change between jobs. As UberEats is still getting off the ground, most riders were still in their Deliveroo uniform – a great coo for Deliveroo, not so much for Uber.

Uber are still powering ahead with expansion plans. Only last Friday the ride hailing company teamed up with POPS to offer free ice creams across 17 UK cities – a great summer promotion that had #UberIceCream trending up and down the Country. In America Walmart has been testing grocery deliveries through Uber. The retail giant has been struggling to compete with Amazon Prime Service and Amazon Fresh for some time. Under the new collaboration, Walmart employees would prepare the order then call in an Uber driver for delivery, in a bid to directly compete with Amazon’s new service – Amazon Fresh. Interestingly, Amazon Fresh launched in the UK at around the same time as UberEats. The service is available to Amazon Prime customers for £6.99 a month and is the first venture outside of the US – but that’s for another blog.

So two months on from the UK launch, the service has definitely had an effect both on London life and the Chocolate Ltd team’s eating habits, however we’re not so sure that Uber’s latest offering will have quite the same impact as the original taxi service.

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