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Unlocking the Potential for Pokémon Go for Your Business

In less than one week Pokémon Go has become one of the most popular games in history. Just weeks after launching, this augmented-reality game (changer!) has surpassed popular apps such as Tinder and Twitter – it even has a higher engagement than Facebook!

Its popularity has been hard to ignore and its potential to generate sales for retailers is definitely one you shouldn’t ignore, either.

McDonald’s is already jumping on this craze by being one of the first brands to partner with Niantic and as a result are turning 3000 of their locations into Gyms. For those who don’t know, these are places for players to train their Pokémon’s and fight battles – with a McDonald’s in hand of course.

But what does this mean for smaller retailers who don’t have the financial backing that McDonald’s have?

Below are three quick wins you can execute:


  1. Offer a strong Wi-Fi connection & charging stations

Although most people have data – Wi-Fi is still a strong pull for customers. Be sure to communicate through social media, Aboards and in-store posters. Also offer charging stations for customers so they’re able to charge their batteries (and their phones). This will encourage food/drink purchases.


  1. Lure them in with Pokémon lure

A lure allows you to become a destination hot-spot for players and is one of the most immediate and simple opportunities to attract players. If you wanted to be a little smart in your tactics, you could adopt something similar to a coffee shop in San Francisco who promises to drop a lure for every 15 drinks purchased at the store.


  1. Start a conversation with players…

By offering a small discount to those who have the app or alternatively, if they catch a Pokémon in your store offer them a small prize. Magnum enticed Pokemon Go players with discount ice-cream last week when they showed the app, something that was well received on social media. By combining your products and this latest craze, you’re starting a conversation with your customers.

It’s extremely early days for this app – it’s less than a month old so we will see how it evolves and how brands utilize it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if down the line brands are able to create virtual billboards within Pokemon Go to advertise their products…

Let’s see what the future holds.

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